West Ventures

Get Verified Leads For Your Business:

Immigration: All the verified data of immigration and Holiday company program.
Education: Top students leads from overseas.
Auto Car Dealership: Get leads of new/used car buyers and auto companies.
Restaurants: Strategy to fill up the restaurant. Revenue to restaurant operations.
Overseas Partnership: Licensed agents with training.



We offer to connect you with Canadian businesses and agencies seeking partnerships with potential employers

Access to a diverse pool of Employers across all parts of British Columbia including Metro Vancouver, Lower mainland, Tier 1, Tier 2, Vancouver Island, Northern BC, Prince George, Prince Rupert, Victoria, Kamloops, Kelowna, Tofino, Cranbrook Lead generation and initial communication

Provide necessary documents like Business License Numbers, Tax Returns, and employees on payroll to ensure the lead authentic Collaborations available across multiple industries like IT, Construction, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Accounting, Leisure, among others. Marketers with magnifier research marketing opportunities chart. Marketing research, marketing analysis, market opportunities and problems concept. Pink coral blue vector isolated illustration



One you sign up with us, you will have access to the following West Force services

  • Searching the most eligible employer or industry for your client
  • Assisting you with finding the right position for your candidate
  • Arranging a meeting with the employer
  • Providing documentation of employers after subsequent interaction
  • Workshop on helping your client connect with your employer
  • Assisting in developing a relationship with your employer through events, networking, and interaction

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Networking events with your organization and new graduates interested in your industry Inspire them to build a career with your company

We understand the financial implications of COVID. Therefore, we are price conscious and offer you a range of plans. So you can pick the one that works for you.



One Time Plan (Trial) Three-Months Plan

One lead only
3 leads every month
Cost – $5,000 + GST 5%
Cost – $12,000 / per month+ GST 5%

Six-Months Plan

3 leads
3 leads every month
Cost per month -$15,000 / per month+ GST 5% $10,500 / per month + GST 5%

Twelve-Months Plan

3 leads every month
Cost – $9,000/ per month + GST 5%


Mandatory per diem charges are applicable depending on the province. Per diem/technology cost mandatory depends on province. Documentation Services As of 2021 we charge procurement cost of arranging confidential documents of the employer through privacy process for a cost of $1500